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When you’re the fastest growing County in the nation, have the most debt of any other County in your state, and need to cut costs while providing open transparency to the public – what do you do?

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David Dukes, Assistant Financial Director for Williamson County, TX shares their story on how they are using technology to manage their rapid growth, gain insight into their fiscal health, and improve reporting and internal performance management.

In addition to launching a dynamic and interactive transparency website to increase awareness and collaboration with constituents, they’ve been able to reduce internal reporting costs by 75%, prep-time for Grants reporting by 35%, and continue to identify new efficiencies and cost savings.

Their efforts have been recognized by the Government Finance Officer’s Association, who recently bestowed 2 awards to Williamson County: the GFOA Award for Excellence and the coveted GFOA Louisville Award for Innovation in Government Finance.


Emerging Local Government Leaders

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