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Transparency & Citizen Engagement

Mo'mix Solutions is dedicated to delivering solutions that bring governments and those they serve closer together. The MyGovCenter Portal is a Cloud Delivered, Content Management & Analytics software as a service application allowing governments to easily publish and share information internally or with citizens. With more than 15 years of experience helping clients share their information online, our transparency solutions were designed to make publishing data easier to control and manage within your own department.

With more than 15 years of expertise, helping clients build their transparency and open data strategies, we take the mystery out of knowing what and how to share data with those you serve. The MyGovCenter solution along with our consulting expertise offers organizations a roadmap of best practice template page designs and dashboards for areas of transparency such as Fiscal Health, Open Checkbook, Top 10 Public Sector Key Performance Indicator Metrics, Debt, Capital Projects, Pension and Economic Progress and so much more. Sharing complex information in a simple, visual, and interactive way enables you to keep your community informed.

Momix MyGovCenter Transparency Portal makes it easy for you to share information commonly requested from your citizens and is integrated by a one click link from your existing website. It can also be used as a Scorecard Reporting Portal for Executive Management to be used internally to easily track metrics that are of the utmost importance to your organizations strategic goals.

MyGovCenter Features:

  • Visual Story Builder - Share Content with Interview Reports instead of PDF static reports.
  • Present complex information in a way citizens can understand.
  • Delivered with report and dashboard templates making it easy to publish financial data aligned to transparency best practices including the American Recovery Act and the Texas Transparency Star Program.
  • Quickly create, share and publish your own dashboards.
  • Add text, visuals and video content to support your reports and charts.
  • Allows citizens to search and download data.
  • Communicate with citizens with ease during changing times without specialized IT skillsets.
  • Increase trust and civic involvement.
  • Create a greater sense of community belonging.

Compliant with GFOA Best Practices for Financial Transparency 

Compliant with State of Texas Comptroller for Transparency Stars Award Program

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Let Your Data Tell Your Story in a Way Consumers Understand

Tell your story with easy-to-understand, dynamic visualizations. Allow your citizens to gain immediate insights with interactive dashboard templates. Build trust and transparency with Citizens by sharing critical data they are interested in seeing. 

Your Story

Reduce Public Information Requests

Allowing citizens access to critical data they want will build trust and significantly reduce Public Information Requests. In addition, Citizens will have immediate insights with interactive dashboard templates that support Citizen FAQs, saving your staff time, and therefore money. 

Compliant with GFOA Best Practices for Financial Transparency and the State of Texas Comptroller for Transparency Stars Award Program.

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Move Beyond Publishing Excel and PDF Files

Our visuals make it easy for citizens to understand the data. Our drag and drop report builder makes sharing financial information easier than ever and allows you to share data and add images, graphs, dashboards, and other visuals. You will instantly transform complex government financial data by turning it into easy to comprehend infographics to help citizens conceptualize the financial information.  

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Special Funding Transparency

We will be your trusted advisor and consult you on what information to share and how you share it. Our Transparency Dashboard templates make sharing easier than ever. Track and publish your CARES, and ARPA category expenditures for greater transparency and easier mandated reporting. 


Increase Trust and Accessibility

Sharing critical information in a way that is easy to understand will immediately build trust with your community. Our Transparency templates will increase accessibility by organizing the collection and communication of complex data on your website in a way your Citizens will understand. As a result, our clients see an immediate increase in website traffic, as citizens are very interested in seeing where tax dollars are being spent and learning about the programs money is being spent on.

Transparency Approval Contracts