We harness the power of digital technologies and data optimizations as we assess, innovate and transform business processes and align your performance outcomes with leading industry solutions.

Industry Focused

Our team at Mo'mix has collectively more than 60 years of experience working with Public Sector, Private Sector, Not-for-Profit, K-12 and Higher Education clients. We founded Mo'mix Solutions in 2008 with the mission to deliver product and consulting solutions that optimize operations and availability of data with industry recognized technology solutions.

Business Intelligence & Data Integration Services

We assist organizations align their data strategies to their business & decision making needs. We bring technology and business users together to create a digital data innovation strategy focused on determining the right data sources, systems and Mo'mix Performance Center solutions that are easy to use. Our goal is to illuminate and empower the data that runs your operations to increase visibility and give you actionable intelligence.

Our services include:

  • Business Intelligence Solutions Design
  • Business Intelligence Roadmap
  • Use Case Modeling
  • Proof of Concept
  • Data Integration
  • Extract, Transform and Load
  • Data Warehouse Design & Implementation
  • Pentaho PDI
  • Pentaho Business Analytics

Experience and Case Studies

  • 20+ Years of Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Expertise
  • 30+ Years of Public Sector Information Technology Consulting Expertise
  • The Cube Guest of the Week
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Dashboards & Analytics Implementation Services

More and more organizations are turning to dashboards and visualizations to quickly understand and analyze their data. Having the ability to quickly view and measure key metrics for your organizations is instrumental in making timely decisions. Our specialized data analytics consultants help you make your vast amounts of data more accessible and understandable using charts and graphs to tell stories and answer questions. Our services can help you identify trends, comparison and performance towards goals and objectives, and spot any outliers leveraging the Mo'mix MyAnalytics & Dashboard solutions: 

Dashboards can help your organization:

  • Quickly identify performance towards goals and objective
  • Visualize indicators and trends that may require attention
  • Pinpoint an action that needs to be taken
  • Build informed decisions based on facts

Our Team can help you:

  • Connect Data
  • Build Widgets, Reports & Visualizations
  • Design Dashboards for Specific Audiences
  • Develop Insights & Improve Performance
  • Share with different audiences and mediums

Transparency & Special Funding Consulting

Knowing what and how to share information with the public can be a daunting task. Our engagement specialists can assist you in building your roadmap for greater citizen engagement and the implementation of Transparency Portals that empower you to easily share information with you citizens, reducing your public information requests and building trust within your community. 

In our changing world, transparency and open communication channels with your citizens is a paramount of importance. Our specialists can work with your team to plan your communication and transparency strategy, create performance dashboards for managing goals, objectives, grants and help you manage the data and publishing of performance reports in support of your ARPA and other special funding initiatives. 


ERP Consulting Services

Mo'mix consultants have more than 30 years experience supporting Public Sector ERP projects. Our expertise includes: Project and Change Management, Software Application Implementation Services, Data Conversions, Training, Upgrades and Support PeopleSoft ERP Applications. 

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AWS Hosting & Managed Services

Gain a competitive advantage and reduce the administrative burden of long-term application optimization and management, allowing your team to focus on the core business and strategic objectives that matter. Managed services are structured to be scalable, providing the support that your organization needs as it grows, both in size and in complexity. We offer cloud-managed services that enable the flexibility, scalability, reliability, and predictability your organization needs without sacrificing the control, compliance, and security your business requires.

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Strategic Planning & Digital Innovation Services

Looking to future proof your government? Our team can assist you in assessing your current technology inventory, employee skill assessments to determine gaps and opportunities, and will work collaboratively to design a strategic roadmap of projects and initiatives that support your desired outcomes. 

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