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Mo’mix Solutions can help you centralize what and how to collect the data required for the CSLFRF reporting requirements. The Mo’mix Project/Budget Tracking & Reporting application was developed for managing special funding and specifically the requirements of the American Recovery Plan Act and the CSLFRF reporting. As a result we can easily integrate and map to your financial system of record and also track all of the additional components required for reporting.

The Mo’mix ARPA Project and Grants Budget Tracking and Reporting application centralizes the project tracking of this program and alerts your administrators to the additional information that needs to be collected, reported and retained by category. We monitor all Treasury updates to ensure all data that is required by Category can be captured to ensure your collection, retention, and compliance with the program.

  • Measure and track spending and project details with robust reporting aligned to US Treasury requirements.
  • Easy Project/Program Management Data Entry & Tools to manage status of projects.
  • Alerts for additional programmatic elements you need to store aligned to the project.
  • Sync with your Financial System of Record
  • Track SubAwards
  • Easily manage the data required for projects, updates and additional programmatic details in one system.
  • Project & Financial Tracking
  • Outcome Reporting with GIS features
  • Citizen Dashboards
  • Secure Data Retention


Available on the BuyBoard contract www.buyboard.com

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