Operational Reporting

On-Demand, Self Service Report Builder empowers visibility to information across software systems without specialized skills.

Increase Visibility into Operations

Data is now accumulated from a wider variety of sources than ever before, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to manage the growing wealth of information. Intelligence Center is an end-to-end data integration and business intelligence application that empowers business users access to the data to view or create the records without specialized skills. 

Intelligence Center provides a modern, highly interactive, and intuitive web-based interface for end-users to discover and explore virtually any data. With a full spectrum of analytics tools, users can create reports and dashboards as well as visualize and analyze data across multiple dimensions without dependence on IT or developers. Meanwhile, IT benefits from the secure, scalable, cloud platform that requires no maintenance or costly support infrastructure.

Our consultants work together with your IT and Business Teams to design and model the data integration, reports, and visualizations that will serve your different audiences.  

Intelligence Center Features:

  • One Unified Reporting & Analytics Platform
  • Data Connectors
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Powerful Data Integration (ETL) for any data-anywhere.
  • Configurable Library of Reports by Business Area
  • Transformation of Source Data for easy comprehension
  • Cross system view of data transaction lifecycles
  • Secure AWS Cloud Hosted
Intlligence Center

Robust Dashboard & Visualizations to manage your Performance Metrics

Accessibility to data empowers understanding if presented and available to different consumers in your government organization by sharing what’s most important to them. Reporting delivered to Executives is greater understand by sharing visualizations or dashboards designed for the answers they are seeking. Departments will relish in being able to create on demand the reports they need to run their day-to day operations and share with others on their team for greater collaboration.

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On Demand Ad Hoc Reporting

Many organizations must rely on other departments to give them the reports they need to answer questions or to complete job functions. Having to rely on specialized IT reporting tools or skillsets can be cost and time prohibitive. Intelligence Center Ad Hoc Reporting empowers your departmental
users, regardless of skill level, to create reports and analytics with ease. Business Reporting libraries are defined with a metadata layer than is understood by the end user so they know which fields to
add to a report or for analysis.

It is critical to empower individual end users to generate their own reports. This will both save time and reduce risk. With Intelligence Center, employees and managers have one unified platform for staff to empower easy reporting.

Momix Intelligence Center Features:

  • Report Libraries Secured by Business Function or Area
  • Build Your Own Reports with easy to use drag and drop features
  • Adjust an existing report to meet your needs and save to your own MyReports Folder
  • Schedule & share reports with others in your organization
  • Add your own logo
  • Top-line transaction data access: drill from summary down to transaction level detail
  • Create your own calculations & charts
  • Visualize your data with interactive dashboards that let you drill down to the details
  • Accelerated Connectors available for Oracle E Business Suite & PeopleSoft
Intelligence Center County Judge

Integrate any Data Source

The most value of your data comes from being able to collect and correlate information from different kinds of systems. Intelligence Center provides end-to-end integration, reporting, and analytics regardless of the source system. Accelerated integrations include ERP Systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite & PeopleSoft and Court Management Systems such as Benchmark & ICON and cloud storage and computing in AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. 

Intelligence Center allows you to keep your data, regardless of source, all in one performance platform. It integrates with any system that is used in your government operations, even Excel, and includes the extract and transformation processes to deliver data in a way that can be understood by any employee. Making data work for agencies requires a modern data platform that can handle all data — not only real-time data, but batch data, data in the cloud and data in on-premises data centers. With a single architecture approach, agencies can make sure their data is available and ready to serve all user communities and applications, and continuously adapt to new demands.

Consolidated views of your organizations provides the ability to:

  • Eliminate managing silos of data
  • Builds trust in the information
  • Provides your organization or department with one source of truth for alignment and internal transparency.
  • Reduces IT Costs of managing data and custom report development
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Empower All Levels: Managers, Department Heads and Operational Experts

Providing Managers, Department Heads and Operational Experts Up-to-Date information is crucial to the efficient operation of any Public Sector organization. An Operational Reporting tool that seamlessly integrates to your ERP will improve efficiency of your day-to-day operations. Different levels have different reporting needs. Managers need high-level insights in order to make informed budget decisions. Department Heads need year-to-date and month-to-date expenditure data to track performance relative to a current budget, and Operational staff need current information to make sure supplies and resources are available to support their departmental objectives.

  • Intelligence Center allows everyone to get the information they need. 
  • Ability for all levels to forecast and trend
  • on-demand accelerated analysis of data at every level of management
  • Immediate access to funds available
  • Meaningful information creates a catalyst for informed discussions and decisions.
  • Alignment of organizational strategies with fiscal performance measures.
  • Measure what matters by creating KPI’s that are meaningful to your organization or use our best practice templates.
  • Actionable insight into your operations

One of the most common issues agencies face is dealing with the sheer number of data repositories that have developed over time. Data in these standalone repositories, disconnected from other data sources and applications, is often difficult or impossible to access without specialized skills and custom reports. We remove the complexities of data silos by integrating data into a common repository and simple report building tools that anyone in your organization can leverage.

Op Reporting Leverage Data as an Asset

Leverage Data as an Asset

The most value of your data comes from being able to collect and correlate information from different kinds of systems.Reporting typically has been in the context of a specific initiative or a specific application. Organizations still optimize the ways they collect and design the data for a single business initiative. However, with integrated reporting opportunities with Intelligence Center & Analytics powered by Momix, organizations have the ability to:

  • Increase visibility into operations and cost saving opportunities
  • Align the amount you spend to the overall goals
  • Make sure those decisions adhere to performance goals
  • Keep track of those goals as they are happening, not after the fact
  • Spotlight your champions in obtaining those milestones
  • Track your budget against your strategic goals and outcomes
  • Understand the lifeycycle of transactions and areas for improvement
  • Empower staff to create their own analytics, reports and dashboards

Mobile or Desktop Accessible

In a changing world your staff and citizens are relying more on their mobile and remote devices than ever before. Incorporating a reporting platform that can securely access information when and where it is needed should be a priority to your governments digital transformation plan. Momix Solutions offer access to information in the way you need it whether from your mobile device or remote work office.

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