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Mo’mix Solutions is excited to announce V7, #BusinessIntelligence for #PeopleSoft and #OracleEBS, making #Reporting simple. Learn more in today’s press release on NewsWire.com:

Mo’mix Business Intelligence Center V7 Offers Pre-Built Integration to PeopleSoft and EBS and Simplifies Reporting


Mo’mix Solutions is excited to announce that Mo’mix Business Intelligence Center v7 is now available. While still supporting pre-built integration with PeopleSoft and EBS, Mo’mix Solutions has enhanced self-service capabilities with user-driven dashboards, drill downs, and more impactful visualizations with interactive reporting. These innovative product enhancements enable robust data management, empowering users to quickly and simply access data, all while reducing IT Report requests and ERP licensing fees. For on-premise ERP systems moving to the cloud, clients can now house both historical data and cloud data in Mo’mix Performance Center Business Intelligence.

The Mo’mix Business Intelligence Center strives to make the complex simple by eliminating the need for clients to maintain specialized skills in BI Publisher, Discoverer, SQR, nVision, and PS Query tools through the deployment of easy to use analyzers and interactive reports. The data sources have pre-built joins for displaying the data in a logical and cross-functional manner, thereby ensuring every user can drag and drop data for their report without compromising the expected end-result. Regardless of skill set, Intelligence Center provides ease of use and accurate reporting for any user.

The Mo’mix Performance Center Suite of applications extends beyond intelligence and reporting. The product suite includes Budget Planning and Management with reporting and constituent Transparency to share, visualize and communicate with a community.

Too good to be true? Find out now and request a demo for any one or all products.

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We are the 30% Happy 10th Birthday Mo’mix Solutions!

We are the 30% Happy 10th Birthday Mo’mix Solutions!

Happy 10th Birthday!

It occurred to us that we just hit a huge milestone this week and even better we celebrate it during Women’s History Month. As we looked back since we started Mo’mix Solutions 10 years ago this week, it gave us great pride to be a part of the Woman Owned Business community in Technology. As we reflect back with gratitude on each employee, partner, client and person that has helped us along the way we wanted to share some interesting facts.

Every Single Day more than 1000 Women start a business.

How many survive?

  • 80% Survive the 1st Year
  • 50% Survive to Year 5
  • 30% Survive to Year 10

Last year, venture capitalists invested just $1.46 billion in women-led companies.

While male-led companies earned $58.2 billion in investments.

That’s a whopping difference.

Between 2007 and 2016 Women Owned Business grew 5X faster than the national average.

As of end of 2016 there were over 11.3 million women-owned firms in the US that employ almost $8 million people and generated over $1.4 TRILLION in revenue.

Women appear to be growing revenues more quickly, too. According to a study commissioned by American Express OPEN, “Business revenues among women-owned firms have increased by 35% since 2007, compared to 27% among all U.S. firms — thus at a rate that is 30% higher than the national average.”

How does this all translate? If Women Business Owners in the US formed a Country its GDP Would Rank 5th Globally.

Let’s all continue to support small, woman owned business and increase their ability to survive, thrive and in doing so change the statistics of success!

Momix Solutions and OpenDataSoft Partner to Deliver Transparency

Momix Solutions and OpenDataSoft Partner to Deliver Transparency

April 2, 2018

Press Release


Momix Solutions and OpenDataSoft are excited to announce a partnership to deliver a New Budget, Financial and Performance Management Reporting and Transparency Solution. Read about this new product announcement here: Performance and Transparency Solution for the Public Sector

“Mo’mix Solutions is pleased to be partnering with OpenDataSoft and embedding their technology to offer our clients an even more robust solution that supports local leaders ability to leverage the use of their data for better decision making and engagement with their residents.” said Erin Latham, President of Mo’mix Solutions.



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