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We are the 30% Happy 10th Birthday Mo’mix Solutions!

We are the 30% Happy 10th Birthday Mo’mix Solutions!

Happy 10th Birthday!

It occurred to us that we just hit a huge milestone this week and even better we celebrate it during Women’s History Month. As we looked back since we started Mo’mix Solutions 10 years ago this week, it gave us great pride to be a part of the Woman Owned Business community in Technology. As we reflect back with gratitude on each employee, partner, client and person that has helped us along the way we wanted to share some interesting facts.

Every Single Day more than 1000 Women start a business.

How many survive?

  • 80% Survive the 1st Year
  • 50% Survive to Year 5
  • 30% Survive to Year 10

Last year, venture capitalists invested just $1.46 billion in women-led companies.

While male-led companies earned $58.2 billion in investments.

That’s a whopping difference.

Between 2007 and 2016 Women Owned Business grew 5X faster than the national average.

As of end of 2016 there were over 11.3 million women-owned firms in the US that employ almost $8 million people and generated over $1.4 TRILLION in revenue.

Women appear to be growing revenues more quickly, too. According to a study commissioned by American Express OPEN, “Business revenues among women-owned firms have increased by 35% since 2007, compared to 27% among all U.S. firms — thus at a rate that is 30% higher than the national average.”

How does this all translate? If Women Business Owners in the US formed a Country its GDP Would Rank 5th Globally.

Let’s all continue to support small, woman owned business and increase their ability to survive, thrive and in doing so change the statistics of success!

Momix Solutions and OpenDataSoft Partner to Deliver Transparency

Momix Solutions and OpenDataSoft Partner to Deliver Transparency

April 2, 2018

Press Release


Momix Solutions and OpenDataSoft are excited to announce a partnership to deliver a New Budget, Financial and Performance Management Reporting and Transparency Solution. Read about this new product announcement here: Performance and Transparency Solution for the Public Sector

“Mo’mix Solutions is pleased to be partnering with OpenDataSoft and embedding their technology to offer our clients an even more robust solution that supports local leaders ability to leverage the use of their data for better decision making and engagement with their residents.” said Erin Latham, President of Mo’mix Solutions.

The Link Between Open Data and Performance Management

The Link Between Open Data and Performance Management


Our partner OpenDataSoft wrote a great article recently about the link and importance  of open data and performance measurement. Now more than ever our local governments are embracing the value of their data as they move strategic decision making based on Performance Management principals. The key is having timely and accurate data in which to base their decisions.

“By using data to measure performance, we can begin to manage outcomes. This idea has been around for about 100 years in the US. By using KPIs and measurements, we can manage business units more effectively. To get those measures we need quality data, and open data is a great vehicle to encourage reuse by supporting outcome measurement and management.” Jason Hare, OpenDataSoft.

This article Link Between Open Data and Performance Management published in December 2017 is a great overview of how technology transformation of utilizing data that is open, accessible and accurate can empower better performance measurement and ultimately outcomes that benefit those government serves.

Brazoria County Success in Budgeting

Brazoria County Success in Budgeting

Momix Government Cloud Performance Platform Success Story

Momix Solutions and Brazoria County, Texas share their story of using Cloud SaaS technologies to support Public Sector Budget, Reporting and Transparency and why it was a success.  Playback of the webinar can be found here:   A Cloud Success Story with Brazoria County

Hosted by Pentaho, a Hitachi Company.

Learn more about our 2017 Year End Special Pricing by requesting a demo at www.momixsolutions.com

Momix Solutions is a State of Texas Certified HUB vendor proud to support Public Sector and Higher Education organizations around the US and Canada with their products and ERP services that enhance performance, transparency and reporting.


How a Texas County is using Data to Drive Better Budget Planning and Management

How a Texas County is using Data to Drive Better Budget Planning and Management

From Siloed Data to Increased Organizational Productivity: How Momix Solutions Embedded Analytics & Budget Preparation Solutions Make It Easier for Public Sector & Higher Education Organizations to Build a Better Budget

This is a guest blog from Pentaho’s customer, Erin Latham. Erin is the CEO and Founder of Mo’mix Solutions and an OEM partner of Pentaho since 2009. Mo’mix Solutions provides Performance Center a Cloud Based Performance, Budgeting, Operational Intelligence and Transparency Platform that leverages Pentaho Embedded Analytics.

Video: http://www.pentaho.com/blog/2016/03/11/how-mo-mix-helps-create-transformative-value-pentaho-etl-tools

It’s the age of big data, which means just about every business and private sector organization under the sun is stocking up on massive amounts of it. What’s worth noting, however, is that a shocking 88 percent of what’s being collected is never analyzed.

A major contributor to this trend is siloed data — where one department “owns” certain information and keeps it isolated from the rest of the organization. Like grain in a farm silo, this data is closed off from all outside elements. Data silos have both technical and cultural origins. On the technical side, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other legacy software applications store tons of business information, yet their designs make it challenging to use the data in any actionable way.

How Data Silos Hurt Your Organization

Data silos can impact an entire organization, but three areas in particular hurt the most.

Budget and Financial Planning: Budgetary data silos typically result from the limited amount of insights organizations gain from ERP application reports and traditional Excel spreadsheets. The finances of the past year tend to be presented as a simple summary of budgeted spending versus actual spending. When this is all departments see, they don’t truly understand how or why dollars are being spent, and they don’t know how to properly plan their budgets for the next year.

Information Technology: Data silos place an especially heavy burden on IT staffs. These are the people who end up being tasked with maintaining siloed systems, managing the growing infrastructure of data, and putting that data to use. IT departments are often understaffed and working on shoestring budgets as it is, so dealing with data that is siloed across the entire organization only stretches them thinner than they already are.

Human Resources: With a limited view into siloed data, HR can only realistically access and use a small portion of information about its organization’s workforce. This makes it particularly difficult to analyze employee engagement, prevent unexpected departures, and prepare succession plans. Each of those people’s succession plans will impact many aspects of an organization, from strategy alignment to payroll to benefit costs. Without access to the full picture of data, it becomes challenging for HR to plan accordingly.

Momix’ Solutions: Momix Performance Center

Embedded analytics is a way to make use of your data for informed decisions in a cost-effective way to uncouple siloed legacy ERP or transactional applications. In its most basic definition: “Embedded analytics is the integration of data with predefined reporting outputs and capabilities within business process applications. It provides relevant information and analytical tools designed for the task at hand so users can work smarter and more efficiently in the applications they use every day.” While many transactional systems have reporting elements to them, many are predefined and not flexible when different departments are looking to make informed decisions.

Utilizing Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics, Momix Solutions, an 8 year Pentaho OEM partner, embedded analytics to create an analytical cloud reporting solution that serves any ERP system. This has allowed Momix’ clients in both public and private sectors to leverage existing transactional ERP systems with a reporting solution that is designed to allow them faster access to data in an easy to use and more affordable approach.

Momix Performance Center offers clients higher visibility into data stored in any source such as ERP or Student Information Systems, resulting in the following returns:

  • Cost savings to public sector organizations
  • Clients save an average of 300 consulting hours per year that would otherwise be spent on closing books at year-end and preparing for outside audits

Pentaho and Momix will be hosting a webinar discussing their use case in detail, including testimonial from Momix’s client Brazoria County, TX, and a demo of the embedded analytics solution on July 12th from 10-11 CDT. Register for it here:










Embedded Analytics- A Cloud Success Story Webinar

Embedded Analytics- A Cloud Success Story Webinar

Register Here:


Join this 30 minute webinar and Q&A to hear about this embedded analytics use case from multiple perspectives and learn:

  • How Mo’mix leveraged Pentaho to empower their customers with self-service analytics
  • How providing better data & analytics access drove ROI for the product and increased customer productivity
  • How Mo’mix’s customer, Brazoria County, TX, utilized these analytics to drive better decision-making and deliver transparency on organizational spending


Erin Latham, President, Mo’Mix Solutions
Connie Garner, County Auditor, Brazoria County – TX
Jeanne Ngo, Product Marketing Manager, Pentaho


Wednesday, July 12 | 8:00 am PDT / 4:00 pm GMT

4 Ways to Build a More Effective Open Data Program

4 Ways to Build a More Effective Open Data Program

Four Easy Ways to Build to More Effective Open Data Program

“Building transparency and delivering more effective services are just a few of the ways well-built open data programs can improve a city.”

In her StateTech article, Juliet Van Wagenen sheds insight on how to securely and effectively implement open data initiatives.


What’s Really Needed for Data-Driven Government

What’s Really Needed for Data-Driven Government

Data Silos are the #1 Challenge to Modernizing IT Systems

“While poor data quality, the challenges of pulling and integrating data from legacy IT systems and the difficulty of persuading stakeholders to embrace open data can all be stumbling blocks to a data-driven government, there are proven ways local governments can improve data governance.”  Kathleen Hickey highlights tips in her article below:


Mo’mix Solutions Listed Among Companies Supporting Open Data

Mo’mix Solutions Listed Among Companies Supporting Open Data

Open Performance with Mo’mix Performance Center

We are thrilled to see Mo’mix Solutions listed as an open data technology in ENVISIO’S article about the new practices and new technologies in support of openness and transparency.

“Using interactive dashboards, Mo’mix supports transparency and open data for better performance insight, and the ability to share information with the public, such as spending, budget to actual, revenue. It enables data to be captured, transformed and shared in meaningful ways, allowing the audience to be more engaged and involved with operations.”

Read the article in it’s entirety by clicking on the link below:



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