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Align Vision with Execution powered by Envisio

Align Strategic Planning with Execution

Real Time Strategic Planning

Planning for the future can only be successful if we’re all on the same plan. Now, you can easily align employee actions with strategic priorities. You can empower leaders to make informed decisions and enable managers to stay on top of key initiatives.

All Performance in One Location

Planning and performance often requires multiple software. Instead, all of your strategy and performance data is in a single, user-friendly, organizational dashboard. View your performance through a visually appealing and interactive experience.

Gain Real Time Performance Measures

You no longer have to wait for actionable results. You can easily aggregate real-time progress updates and KPI performance metrics. Using these updates, you can manage resources and generate robust management and external reports.

Showcase Progress and Performance to the Public

Part of planning is showing the success of your plan to the public. Using our Strategy Center along with our MyGov Center, you can share strategic plan progress and performance measures with your community.

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