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Robust Content Management 
Self Service Analytics
Dashboard Builder
Ease to Use Data Import Tools
Delivered Integrations and APIs
Tooltips for Easy Page Navigation
Internal or Public Facing Performance Metrics
Performance Dashboard Templates for:
311/Service Requests
CARES Act/Grants
Compliant with GFOA Best Practices for Financial Transparency
Compliant with State of Texas Comptroller for Transparency Stars Award Program
Reduce Public Information Requests


Connect with those you serve.

Be Understood. Tell Your Story.

Publish and transform ANY data into meaningful information that’s useful to any audience. MyGovCenter powered by Momix Analytics  empowers you with reporting and analytical tools and templates, based on best practices and state requirements, to easily publish your  story, the data behind it, reports & visualizations all within your web application or through the use of our MyGovCenter CMS portal without having to draw on IT resources.

Easily Comply with Transparency Best Practices  

logo-transparency-starsKey Performance Dashboard Templates help expedite what data to share for audience understanding.  Types of templates available as part of our Momix Analytics platform that offer interactive reports, charts, and Key Performance Indicators include:

  • CARES Disbursements
  • Financials, Debt, Economic Growth, Contracts & Procurement, Open Checkbook, & Pension
  • Criminal Justice Data
  • 311 Service Requests
  • Court Management
  • Tax

Aligned to GFOA Transparency Recommendations for Financial Reporting and Open Data

Compliant with the Texas Comptroller Transparency Star Program requirements.

What our clients are saying:

“We were able to submit for our first award in 1 week! MyGovCenter made it easy and simple.”

Engage Your Citizens

Sharing information with the public goes beyond publishing static PDF reports. Engagement with the data creates an understanding and allows for better communication with your citizens. Tell Your Story with ease with end user driven dashboard templates or create your own with our Momix Analytics platform that can be purchased as part of our MyGovCenter CMS Portal or integrated with our affiliate GovOffice CMS or any 3rd party website.

In a recent survey done by BYU with municipal financial managers over 46% indicated the obstacle to become transparent was knowing what and how to publish information about how tax dollars are being spent in a way that a citizen can understand. With MyGovCenter, we provide you best practice templates, Key Performance Dashboards and easy to use tools to easily upload your data and  tell your story.

Charts, Reports & Dashboards Simplified.

Reduce Public Information Requests

 MyGovCenter makes it easy for you to share information that is commonly requested from your Citizens. With feature rich templates you can open your budget, your checkbook, your strategic plan, and streamline reporting supporting internal and external needs and reducing the # of Public Information Requests.

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