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Performance Key Indicators, Financial Transparency and Open Data Portal to publish your information with ease, tell your story, and increase public engagement.

Connect with those you serve.

Make your Progress and Performance Easily Accessible

Publish and transform data into meaningful information that’s useful to any audience. We empower you to decide what and how to share your data sets, reports, and performance KPIs with our templates and easy to use open data portal.

Improve your Transparency with the Public

In a recent survey done by BYU with municipal financial managers over 46% indicated the obstacle to become transparent was knowing what and how to publish information about how tax dollars are being spent in a way that a citizen can understand. With MyGovCenter, we provide you best practice templates, Key Performance Dashboards and easy to use tools to easily upload your data and  tell your story.

Engage with the Public with an Open Data Portal

Sharing information with the public goes beyond publishing operational performance reports. Engagement and communication with your citizens is an ongoing need whether it is gaining support for a bond initiative or informing voters of important initiatives. The cost of misinformed voters can be minimized with our easy to configure web pages that help you tell your story through digital engagement. Our easy to use Open Data Portal and prebuilt templates make it easy to connect your data, upload and share with internal or external stakeholders.

Reduce Public Information Requests
logo-transparency-starsWe have taken the complexity of what to share off your plate. MyGovCenter complies with National and State standards and will allow you to easily meet criteria for sharing information online including the Texas Comptroller Transparency Star Program requirements.
Build Trust
65% of us are visual learners. MyGovCenter makes it easy for you to share information through visual storyboards. With feature rich templates you can open your budget, your checkbook, your strategic plan, and streamline reporting supporting internal and external needs. With our self service dashboards you can create and publish any key measure(s) and outcomes that are important to your organization and those you serve.
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Find out more about the State of Texas Comptroller Transparency Star Program in our Learning Center.

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