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Empower and Align your Strategic Budget Planning powered by BFM

Integrated Budget Planning & Management

Designed for Public Sector Budgeting

Budgeting used to require forcing public sector budgeting needs into corporate-tailored software. Instead, our easy-to-use platform is pre-designed with transparency and offers the ability to create themes, categories, templates, and custom-select report content. Integrated with any ERP and Excel.

Streamline your Budgeting Process with Integrated Workforce Planning, Capital, Operational and Projects.

The budgeting process itself can be complicated and tedious, often because of budget reporting requirements. Now, you can have formatted “standard” reports readily available. Our budget center brings together related data and formats to meet your specific needs.

Measure and Manage Budget and Performance Against Goals and Outcomes

Often the goals of a Budgeting Department are only measured in cents and dollars. Now, you can measure the performance of your activities against the expected goals and outcomes of the organization spend. Evaluate both your financial success as well as the improvements in your performance. It’s easier to strategically plan for the future with accurate and fast forecasting. You will have access to a forecasting engine that will run through all the what-if scenarios to help you design and implement a well-informed budgeting plan that meets your strategic priorities.

Manage with Ease

Budget Center is a Cloud, Software as a Service Application

  • No Hardware or Software required
  • No IT Maintenance or Costs for Upgrades
  • 24 Hour access anytime, anywhere
  • Role Based Security
  • Combine Historical and Operational Databases
  • Eliminate the Use of “Shadow Systems” to track and report data
  • One “Hub” for Managing Fiscal, Budget Strategy and Performance.

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Discover more about the product by viewing the Budget Center White Paper in our Learning Center.

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