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In the US alone it is estimated between 35-56 million meetings occur every day in the workplace.

If you are a Manager or Executive a staggering 55% of your work time may be spent in meetings that 71% of people say are inefficient and unproductive.

In addition, how much time is spent in preparing for these meetings?

Leveraging shared data through dashboards and visualizations that are easily published as presentations make work life not only simpler but meetings more productive.

We are excited to announce our new service: Momix Analytics. Momix Analytics Software as a Service let’s you easily create visually appealing data visualizations and dashboards in minutes.

It’s a game changer and priced so affordably you will not only be saving money but more importantly it gives you time back in your day!

With a data-driven meeting approach, all of the data that is needed for each meeting lives in a shared dashboard that can be accessed online or as a presentation.

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