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Our partner OpenDataSoft wrote a great article recently about the link and importance  of open data and performance measurement. Now more than ever our local governments are embracing the value of their data as they move strategic decision making based on Performance Management principals. The key is having timely and accurate data in which to base their decisions.

“By using data to measure performance, we can begin to manage outcomes. This idea has been around for about 100 years in the US. By using KPIs and measurements, we can manage business units more effectively. To get those measures we need quality data, and open data is a great vehicle to encourage reuse by supporting outcome measurement and management.” Jason Hare, OpenDataSoft.

This article Link Between Open Data and Performance Management published in December 2017 is a great overview of how technology transformation of utilizing data that is open, accessible and accurate can empower better performance measurement and ultimately outcomes that benefit those government serves.

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