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Intelligence Center for PeopleSoft 

Unlock the Potential of your PeopleSoft Data

We help organizations decrease their development costs associated with PeopleSoft Data extraction, migration to new systems and the transformation of data into historical and operational business intelligence with our suite of solutions.

Intelligence Center suite of solutions offers your technical team a PeopleSoft Data Dictionary and  Powerful Data Extract Engine minimizing a Cloud Conversion Effort and/or Business Intelligence build process. Many times the language spoken by the technical teams working with PeopleSoft Data is not the same as the Functional Users. Mo’mix Intelligence Center solutions bridges that gap.

In addition, to our data extract and migrations solutions that can work hand in hand with any ETL or reporting tool, we also offer a complete Cloud Business Intelligence solution for PeopleSoft, which delivers pre-built integration with PeopleSoft ERP applications, we offer your organization secure and simple insight to your data.  Empowering users to create ad-hoc reports, use delivered reports and templates, and leverage analytics and dashboard visuals is now simple and cost effective.

Intelligence Center and its PeopleSoft for PeopleSoft removes the limitations of PS Query, NVision, and SQR and lightens the requests of your IT department.

Extract & Migrate Data

Easy to Use Data Extraction and Migration for Conversions, Queries or Reporting


Data Dictionary 

Easy to Understand Dictionary to expedite conversions, data governance, business intelligence and reporting.

Report & Visualize

Prebuilt Integration with Peoplesoft built for the Functional Teams Reporting Needs, Ad Hoc Creation and Configurable Dashboards



PeopleSoft Analytics for the Business and Executives  empowering comprehensive and faster decision making.


Intelligence Center was designed to support any data source and offers pre-built integration to PeopleSoft ERP Applications. You now can easily consolidate your historical and operational data in the way you need to access, report and analyze your operations and also supports your future if that includes a new ERP solution, historical data retention and data migration efforts.

Intelligence Center provides a foundation that supports your data, regardless of source system, all in one Data Extraction, Migration and Reporting platform.  

Self-Service Reporting & Analytics
Intelligence Center for PeopleSoft allows you to select the reporting option that meets your business needs.  It also offers self-service reporting; meaning anyone in your organization can run their own reports at any time.  This means no longer having to burden IT for report requests and will potentially minimize license fees for your ERP application.
  • Embedded Analytics and Report templates
  • Prebuilt Industry Specific Report Options
  • Build your own self-service Reports, Analytics and Dashboards
  • Visualize your Data with Interactive Dashboards that let you drill down to the details.
  • Intuitive web-based interactive reporting for business users.
  • User Experience Designed for Business Role
Easy to Administer

Reduce the amount of time your IT team must spend responding to requests.

  • Easily Configure User Experience & Security
  • Secure, Cloud Hosted, Web Based
  • Unlimited License Subscription that includes Upgrades
  • Role Based Security
  • Removes the limitations and complexity of SQR, nVision and PS Query tools
  • Reduce the need for “Shadow Systems”
  • Easily expand to include other data sources.








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