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Intelligence Center for Oracle E Business Suite

Unlock the Potential of your
Oracle E Business Suite


Delivering pre-built integration with Oracle E Business Suite applications, we offer your organization secure and simple insight to your data. Empowering users to create on demand reports, customize delivered reports and templates, and leverage analytics and dashboard visuals is now simple and cost effective.

Empower your users with on demand reporting without needing specialized reporting skill sets. 

Gain visibility into a full transaction lifecycle.




Intelligence Center was designed to support any data source and offers pre-built integration to Oracle ERP Applications. You now can easily consolidate your historical and operational data in the way you need to access, report and analyze your operations.

Intelligence Center provides a foundation that supports your data, regardless of source system, all in one reporting platform. It integrates with any ERP system, Excel, or Database and includes the extract and transformation processes to deliver data in way that can be understood by any employee.

Self-Service Reporting & Analytics

Intelligence Center for Oracle allows you to select the reporting option that meets your business needs.  It also offers self-service reporting; meaning anyone in your organization can run their own reports at any time.  This means no longer having to burden IT for report requests and will potentially minimize license fees for your ERP application.

  • Embedded Analytics and Report templates
  • Prebuilt Industry Specific Report Options
  • Build your own self-service Reports, Analytics and Dashboards
  • Visualize your Data with Interactive Dashboards that let you drill down to the details.
  • Intuitive web-based interactive reporting for business users.
  • User Experience Designed for Business Role

Select the Reporting Option that Meets Your Business Need

Analyzer Reporting:
Utilize a collection of Fields and Filters that allows you to Focus and Drill into the issue at hand.

Visualize your data like never before and quickly obtain Actionable Insight into Performance.

Standard Reports:
Know your Available Budget Funds at any time and Dive into the details of Actual Expenditures.

Interactive Reporting:
Run Reports that are Ready to Publish with consistent layouts and formatting.

Combine all of Your Operational Data No Matter Where it Resides

Intelligence Center allows you to keep your data, regardless of source all in one performance platform. It integrates with any ERP system, Excel, or Database and includes the extract and transformation processes to deliver data in way that can be understood by any employee.

  • Eliminate managing silos of data.
  • Provide your organization or department with one source of truth for alignment and internal transparency.
  • Reduce IT Costs of managing data and custom report development.
  • Combine data from different sources to gain an enterprise operational perspective of performance and operational health.
  • Easily combine historical data with current data even between different on premise and Cloud ERPs.
  • Export capabilities to Excel, PDF, CSV

Empower All Levels: Managers, Department Heads and Operational Experts

Up-to-Date information is crucial to the efficient operation of any Public Sector organization. Different levels have different reporting needs. Managers need top-level reporting in order to make informed budget decisions. Department Heads need year-to-date and month-to-date expenditure data to track performance relative to a current budget and Operational staff need current information to make sure supplies and resources are available to support their departmental objectives.

Intelligence Center allows everyone to get the information they need

  • Immediate access to Funds Available
  • Meaningful information creates a catalyst for informed discussions and decisions.
  • Alignment of organizational strategies with fiscal performance measures.
  • Measure what Matters by creating KPI’s that are meaningful to your organization or use our  best practice templates.
  • Actionable insight into your operations

Easy to Administer

Reduce the amount of time your IT team must spend responding to requests.


  • Easily Configure User Experience & Security
  • Secure, Cloud Hosted, Web Based
  • Unlimited License Subscription that includes Upgrades
  • Role Based Security
  • Removes the limitations and complexity of SQR, nVision and PS Query tools
  • Reduce the need for “Shadow Systems”
  • Easily expand to include other data sources.












Let us worry about the software and you can concentrate on Operations

  • Intelligence Center is a Cloud, Software as a Service Application
  • No Hardware or Software required
  • No IT Maintenance or Costs for Upgrades
  • 24 Hour access anytime, anywhere
  • Role Based Security
  • Combine Historical and Operational Databases
  • Eliminate the Use of “Shadow Systems” to track and report data

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Discover more about the product by viewing the Intelligence Center White Paper in our Learning Center.

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