Dashboards & Analytics

Visualizing your data means you are quickly able to assess your performanceOur easy-to-use Dashboards and Analytics builder make it easy to publish your data and manage your performance across your organization.  Mo’mix MyAnalytics Application is delivered as a stand-alone application or as a part of our Intelligence Center Business Intelligence Suite. 

Transforming Data into a Visual Presentation

Data can tell a Story. When you illuminate and turn your data into visualizations or dashboards, the information speaks to you differently. Humans absorb information 60x faster with visuals. Data visualization creates a method through which ordinary people can better consume and understand large volumes of data. When data is visualized correctly, patterns become obvious. Visualizations can help individuals quickly draw simple, actionable conclusions.

Chart Key Performance Indicators across your software systems for areas such as:

  • Financial Health
  • Vendor Spend
  • Contract Management
  • Workflow Efficiencies
  • Court Metrics & Analysis
  • Cash Management
  • 311 Service Reporting
  • Grants & ARPA Reporting

Mo'mix MyAnalytics Features:

Connects to all different types of data sources and has direct integrations with popular government applications.

Visual analysis: Enables you to visualize data by creating rich reports and dashboards through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Powerful formula builder: Allows you to build KPIs, derive business metrics and carry out in-depth analytics.

Sharing and collaboration: Share specific reports/dashboards to certain users/groups (Internal and External Citizens). You can publish and embed reports/dashboards on your blogs, websites and through the Momix MyGovCenter Transparency application.

Visual Presentation

360 View of your Operations

Increase your internal collaboration and productivity with easier reporting. Keep internal stakeholders updated on performance and how their performance aligns with strategic goals.

Data should support the many initiatives that are typically part of a digital transformation. Making analytics available to all key people in an organization in the way they need to see it requires a common platform of accessibility to the data in order to deliver that presentation. Your data will provide answers to questionsVisual representations that can quickly highlight metrics, performance, and indicators for necessary changes will allow you to look at operations differently 

Making data work for agencies requires a modern data platform that can handle all data — not only real-time data but batch data, data in the cloud, and data in on-premises data centers. With a single architecture approach, agencies can make sure their data is available and ready to serve all user communities and applications, and continuously adapt to new demands.

360 view

Align Objectives Across your Organization

Organizational dashboards and visuals will allow you to align objectives and positively impact performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Turn your strategies into a measure/metric.
  • Easier communication and alignment of goals
  • Summarize complex information all parties can understand

Share & Collaborate

Reducing the amount of time gathering and producing reports, dashboards and presentations can create not only cost savings to your organization but, even more importantly, accelerates analysis, understanding, and the ability to respond or take action.

Momix Intelligence & Analytics empowers users to collaborate, export data, create visual presentations for meetings, and the ability to leverage data to be shared online with different audiences such as Citizens.


Accelerated Analysis

In changing conditions, an organization needs access to information to make rapid decisions. Quickly being able to create forecasts, evaluate trends and measure impacts of change to an organization is of utmost importance to leveraging data for accelerated analysis

Mo'mix MyAnalytics On-Demand Self-Service Features Include:

  • Forecasting
  • Calculations
  • Charts & Visualizations
  • Ability to drill into the data, filter & sort

We turn data into accelerated insights.


Quickly Spot Areas for Intervention

With the volume of data growing and typically stored within that particular business system, being able to access, summarize and spot areas that need intervention is critical to your success. It could be a business process that needs improvement or spotting data errors or duplications; the ability to easily visualize your data makes it easier to understand the context of patterns, disparities, and relationships to identify trends and opportunities hidden in the data. We can help you create dashboards and visualizations that give you a bird’s eye view and allow you to go deeper.

Using the right visualization is key to illustrate your story and managing operational metrics.

Our solutions offer various data visualizations to support your audiences that can easily turn into interactive dashboards to illuminate your needs for action and understanding of the data beneath the surface.

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Box Plot
  • Bubble Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Column Histogram
  • Donut Chart
  • Grouped Column Chart
  • Heat Map
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Stacked Column Chart
  • Stacked Percent Chart
  • Table