Our team at Mo’mix has collectively worked alongside Public Sector, K-12, and Higher Education organizations for more than 30 years. We founded Mo’mix Solutions in 2008 with the mission to deliver services & solutions that provide better outcomes for our customers. Since inception, we have served more than 70 + organizations working alongside them to impact positive change through technology. Our passion is turning data into an asset. Whether its for one department or across an organization being able to manage performance, rapidly respond to changes, and empowering your staff accessibility to create the reports and analytics that serve their needs and those they serve is our #1 priority.

Who is Mo’mix?

We get asked about our name... a lot, so here is the story:

Our founder, Erin Latham, dreamed like many little girls of being a ballerina. As she pursued that dream she worked at Oracle Corporation right out of school so she could afford to live her dream, teach and perform. One of her goals was to dance with a dance troupe whose choreography was so seamless and united in movement it was as if the many dancers on stage were one person. This dance company was called Momix. As time passed and delivering technology solutions that made a difference to the Public Sector became her new passion she realized delivering products and services is a relationship you build and a partnership with your clients all moving towards a common goal. Our desire to create that same unification of delivering outcomes with our clients is how Mo'mix was born.

Our Story

Momix Solutions has served Public Sector organizations as an IT trusted advisor since 2008.

Common Challenges

Having implemented technology solutions in the Public Sector for over 30 years we understand the importance of technology that serves your business process objectives and the power a Government Analytics & Reporting Platform can provide for management, transparency initiatives and operational excellence.

Consulting Services & Solutions

As implementors of large and small systems for government we found that as data grew for our clients so did the need to manage and use it effectively to better plan, execute and engage their employees and those they serve. The reporting solutions available for each of these systems such as ERP, Courts, Justice etc. all had their own reporting engines that typically were having to be managed by IT to get the reports needed to the individual departments.

Our Performance Center Cloud Reporting & Analytics solutions have grown out of our community of customer feedback, requirements, and the demand to use data as an asset and to move an organization towards a truly connected government.

One Platform that serves a variety of reporting needs.

Whether you need help with one source of data, custom management dashboards or a full data warehouse with analytics to support ad hoc reporting across systems we can solution the roadmap to a more digital government with you.

We believe data has the power to tell a story – it just requires access and understanding. Whether a citizen, elected official, or a departmental manager, we all want to understand and we all want to be understood. Why is this concept so important? When our clients gain a better understanding of their data, those they serve to gain a better understanding of them.

In 2019 we expanded our solutions and service offerings to include solutions that power a more digital government such as Online Payment solutions, Court & Justice, 311 Citizen Engagement, and Land and Tax products. Each helps unite a productive workflow and citizen experience while incorporating greater access to the data within those systems with our integrated reporting and dashboard solutions.

Mo'mix Solutions is a certified National Buy Board Cooperative vendor.